Shopping list for the Mesh

First off this is not the complete list and things may change while we work out what works best however this list currently gives you an indication as to what we are playing with currently.

While we started with the Linksys WRT54 series devices they are not great power wise and they are getting harder to locate as the compatible ones, plus we have hills and pine trees to power through so we need something that is a bit more adaptable.

So we are looking at the Raspberry PI version of the mesh with a USB wifi device and grid antenna.

So to start off you need a Raspberry Pi – $69NZ Free shipping

USB wifi device this is the 2W version. – +-$14US

Grid Antenna 2.4Ghz. $82NZ
Contact Hannes ZL1LW for the details.

You will also need a few odd and ends to build it all up. I will be tracking down some link’s prices of these components as well when I have some more free time.

  • -SD Card 4Gig or more.
  • 5V Power source for your Pi and a USB hub for the 2W device. Pi can’t supply enough power to the USB Wifi adapter at 2W if you go for the 1W you will not need that.
  • Some Cat5/6 cable to connect to the PI and to your devices.

One thought on “Shopping list for the Mesh

  1. Hi Guys,

    You would also require some more bits:
    1) RP SMA to N-tipe female antenna connector to connect between the grid antenna and the USB wifi device, these can be purchased on ebay for $5 each.

    2) Waterproof enclosure, Size to still be determined but this one should do: CAT. NO. HB6125, purchased at Jaycar for $24.90

    3) USB splitter. (To split the power over ethernet into 2 usb ports, one to power the Pi and one to power the WiFi USB device) has some at a reasonable price.

    4) PoE (Power over Ethernet) splitter cable. $6

    I will add to the list as the build progres.

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